26 Sep, 2017:

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Sid recently presented at the Fields Institute as a part of the Mathematical Medicine seminar series on “Finding Statistical Rules of Blood Regeneration”. A recent press report on it can be found here (PDF)


Sid is co-organizing a Winter School on Quantitative Systems Biology (QSB2017)  organized by the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS) and the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), from 4th to 22nd December 2017, as part of the ICTP – ICTS Programme in Biology. See, Poster and Program details




22 Sep, 2017: Visiting guest seminar

Sherry Chu from Department of Physics, MIT presented a seminar on “Bacterial range expansions and the KPZ universality class”.

24 July, 2017: Summer school participations 2017

Group-members Madeleine and Sophie attended the Beg Rohu Summer School on”Out of Equilibrium Dynamics, Evolution and Genetics” from 24th July-5th Aug, 2017

19 June, 2017: Group picnic, High Park, Toronto

We all headed to the High Park for our annual / summer group picnic. Find here a Group picture from the retreat 🙂


16 June, 2017: (ONE) Biophysics event, UTM Campus

Several members of the UoT St. George Biophysics groups attended the Ontario Networking event (ONE) Biophysics event organized by professors Josh Milstein (UTMCPS  & IBBME) and Jonathan Rocheleau (IBBME) at the UoT Mississauga campus. Madeleine presented a contributed seminar on her PhD research on “Modelling the effect of CRISPR on bacteria-virus interactions”. To see, pictures click here !